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Monday, 29 November, 2021
Top Cat - Edinburgh Independent Female Driving School

Top Cat – What others say

"I had already had two driving instructors before I was lucky enough to find Trudy. The two male instructors who had taught me previously were impatient and aggressive and had lowered my confidence to a point where I thought I might give up all together. Thank goodness I decided to try again! Trudy immediately gauged that confidence was my problem and successfully managed to restore mine through her easygoing nature, her patience and 'no problem' attitude. She seemed to 'get' how the learner thinks and what to say to make you at ease. She is a great teacher and will persevere using whatever method she can to help you learn. I felt totally relaxed to ask the same questions over and over and admit when I didn't understand something. I also felt really secure in the car with Trudy. She even worked out I had a problem with my eyesight before I did! However, I have to say the best thing about Trudy was her faith in me, without which I never would have gotten through it. When choosing a driving instructor, I truly believe a recommendation is worth it's weight in gold, so here is mine to you, I hope you take it!"

Dawn Exley

"Trudy was a great driving instructor. She made everything easy and managble to do, she broke things down to make it easier to understand and learn. She gave me my own refrence points in the car to make things easy for me and gave me my own progress sheet to show me what i still had to learn to sit my test. Trudy has a knowledge of everything about driving and your practical test. Each lesson was great fun Trudy really made me feel comfortable in the car and helped me build my confiedence about driving and things i wasnt sure about or wasn't my strong point we went over them again and again to make me confiendent and sure about what i was doing. I would highly recomend Trudy as a driving instructor she helped me massively in my driving and helped me pass my test and now on the road myself."


"I went with top cat driving school through recommendation from a friend. Trudy was very welcoming and encouraging from start to finish. Trudy was so flexible with all lesson times and gave me a great rate on block bookings. I was picked up from my work without any hassle which was great and stress free and each lesson ended where was suitable for me. Every lesson was taught in a patient, relaxed and friendly environment, Trudy teaches using an easy to understand, logical and jargon free method and makes driving easy and enjoyable. After every lesson she recorded progress and set goals for the next lesson which meant that progress was made easy. Trudy shows great enthusiasm and kindness and never lost her patience. When it came to test time Trudy prioritised my lesson slots and gave me all the time I needed. The day of the test Trudy was was amazing and calmed my nerves and reassured me she wouldn't let me sit my test if I wasn't ready. I passed my test after 8 weeks of semi intensive driving and have never looked back. I had tried 2 other driving schools before going with Trudy and will recommend Trudy to anyone learning to drive as Topcoat Driving school is flawless."


"I have been with Trudy since February 2010. Trudy has been a fantastic instructor with loads of patience. I am an older student and had previous driving experience, but had never passed my test and went on a 14 year break. Now in my 30s I felt it was time to restart my training. I had a bad experience with another driving school and lost all my confidence and was allowed to develop some bad habits. Trudy has been very patient with me, clear in her instructions and she always goes that extra mile when teaching you. Trudy is always thinking of ways to make it easier for me to understand or to get the hang of something whether it's co-ordination or being too structured. I know Trudy really enjoys teaching her students as well as she approaches it with enthusiasm, spark and flair and gets a great satisfaction when all her patience and hard work pays off and you learn something new and it starts working. Trudy makes me feel relaxed and at ease and you know you can rely on her to tell you the truth. I really like that she makes sure a record of your progress is captured at the end of every lesson as well, seeing those ticks against all parts of the test and the notes of what is good and also bad have been invaluable in my progression. I also love learning in the mini."

Amanda E. Kerr

Top Cat Edinburgh Female Driving School
Male Instructor

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